BUS 616 Week 2 Foreign Direct Investment Burberry Shifts Assignment


Foreign Direct Investment Burberry Shifts Assignment

Read the Closing Case: Burberry Shifts its Strategy in Japan of Chapter 8 and write a three- to four-page paper, plus the title and reference pages, that includes an introduction and conclusion that answers the following:

  • Examine the historyof Burberry’s expansion into international markets starting in 1909 -2011.
  • Examine at least three of the lessons learned by CEO Ahrendts about the Burberry brand.
  • Examine the problem that Burburry faced with it’s licensees. Determine how the problem impacted the brand?
  • Explain the forces that drove the British company Burberry to change its strategy for operating in Japan.  
  • Analyze the changes in the Burberry licensing strategy and the impact of the changes on the company.
  • Examine the advantages and possible disadvantages associated with continuing Japanese operations.

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In addition to the required text, provide at least three additional scholarly source to support your paper. Your paper should be formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


Course: BUS616 International Business 
School: Ashford University

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