BUS 616 Week 1 “Emissionsgate” at Volkswagen Assignment


“Emissionsgate” at Volkswagen

Read Management Focus: “Emissionsgate at Volkswagen in Chapter 5 of your text and write a three- to four-page paper, in addition to the title and reference pages, that includes an introduction and conclusion that answers the following:

  • Explain Volkswagen’s responsibility for accurate reporting of its business practices to its external stakeholders.
  • Analyze the extent to which Volkswagen violated ethical standards of a foreign country that it conducted business in.
  • Analyze the harm that was done to stakeholders by Volkswagen and Volkswagen management in falsifying emissions records.
  • Determine if the severity of the penalties against Volkwagen met the severity of the harm done to the environment and stakeholders.
  • Examine the ethical issues associated with the case
  • Determine whether Volkswagen made an error or whether management had participated in corruption.

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Your paper should be formatted in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In addition to the required text, provide at least two additional scholarly sources to support your paper.


Course: BUS616 International Business
School: Ashford University

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