PCN-671 Topic 8 DQ 2 How can you can use any of the evidence-based practices with a child patient?


How can you can use any of the evidence-based practices with a child patient? Provide at least three specific examples of how the practices can be used. You can use any of the therapy modalities from your textbook.

One example would be to help a child with ADHD set realistic goals by detailing what the goal is (get all A’s and B’s by next report card). Break this goal down into steps:

  1. Complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time.
  2. Ask for help when needed either by teacher, older brother, mom, or dad
  3. Study for each test or quiz with mom or dad.
  4. Ask for any extra assignments or points or option of redoing assignment/test/quiz from teacher if an assignment is below a B.
  5. If you get a bad grade, it is okay? Don’t hide it and all of us sometimes have bad days. Talk to mom, dad, and teacher about what you can do to change your grade and improve it.
  6. Track weekly progress with mom and dad. They can log into the school website and see your progress.
  7. Have a reward set up for completion of goal.

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Course: PCN-671 Psychopathology and Treatment of Children and Adolescence
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 01/02/2020
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