PCN-671 Topic 7 Infrequent Childhood and Adolescent Disorders Worksheet Assignment

Complete the Infrequent Childhood and Adolescent Disorders Worksheet.

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Infrequent Childhood and Adolescent Disorders Worksheet

Directions: While you are practicing, you might find it useful to have a quick reference guide in regards to the childhood and adolescent disorders that are not seen frequently. With that in mind, complete the table below as a reference guide for yourself. Include a minimum of five scholarly references in the table and as a reference note below the table.



Elimination Disorders

Tic Disorder



Possible biological and psychological causes, along with ways to differentiate if it is biological or psychological in nature





Environmental, genetic, and physiological risk factors in addition to prognostic factors











What effect can trauma have on triggering this type of behavior?











What is the behavior communicating (complete for all four disorders) and how could this behavior be protective in nature (which ones listed could be protective for the person)?







Course: PCN-671 Psychopathology and Treatment of Children and Adolescence
School: Grand Canyon University

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