OPS/400 Week 2 Organizational Strategy PowerPoint Presentation


You have been hired as a business process consultant for a fast food restaurant to strategically reorganize, standardize, and improve their service processes through the use of technology.

Create a PowerPoint in which you identify the relationship between the restaurant’s current strategic positon and its operational effectiveness.

Discuss how you will help to better utilize expensive resources to improve the restaurant’s strategic position and operational effectiveness.

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Discuss the business process improvements necessary to produce and deliver the restaurant’s products and services in the following key areas:

  • Business strategy.
  • Operations strategy.
  • Process architecture and operating policies.

Discuss how the use of technology can be used to improve the restaurant’s s overall effectiveness.


Evaluate the relationship between the restaurant’s strategy and the design of its managerial operations.

Research a competitor in a similar market and compare and contrast how strategic positioning of the restaurant’s product will make the company more successful than the competition.

Identify how strategic positioning and operational effectiveness were used (or can be used) in order to gain (or sustain) the restaurant’s competitive advantage.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Speaker Notes must be clear, concise, and detailed.

Cite a minimum of four sources; include your textbook as one of the four sources.


Course: OPS/400 Business Process Management
School: University of Phoenix

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