MBA 5841 Unit VIII Board of Directors Presentation


Board of Directors Presentation

You have done a tremendous amount of planning, research, and strategizing with your marketing plan in your role as the marketing manager. It is now time to present it to the company’s board of directors. You are to create a presentation in which you synthesize your research and recommendations from your previous assignments.

As you know, the ability to create and deliver strong presentations is a critical skill for all managers, leaders, and employees. You can improve this skill through practice. In this unit’s assignment, you will have the opportunity to hone your presentation skills.

In this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation for the board of directors, and include speaker notes to elaborate on the information on each slide. Your presentation should contain at least 12 slides, not counting the title and reference slides.

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You need to ensure that you address the items listed below.

  • Executive Summary: Use the Executive Summary from the Unit VII Project assignment to prepare and present the key elements associated with your research and recommendations in the marketing plan.
  • Remember to use bulleted text, and include a minimum of two graphics. Ensure you reference the sources for your images.
  • Include speaker notes for each slide of your presentation, to indicate what you want to convey in your presentation to the board of directors.
  • Your presentation should have a professional style and appearance.

You should consider adding audio to your slides to enhance the quality of the presentation. To view a tutorial on adding audio to a PowerPoint presentation, click here.

For this assignment to be authentic, you are highly encouraged to complete the audio portion of the assignment, as audio can increase the impact of your message. If you are unable to complete the audio portion, you are required to write out your full speech within the speaker notes section of PowerPoint underneath your slides. If you write out your full speech, you will be required to use appropriate sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.


Course: MBA 5841 Strategic Marketing
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