MGT-420 Week 3 Quiz 2 In the Affective Events Theory, the term “work environment” can involve the following subcategories


  1. __________ is the process of developing, negotiating, and formalizing the targets or objectives that a person is responsible for accomplishing.
  • MBO
  • Equity
  • Expectancy
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  1. Individuals that are oriented toward conformity and try to accommodate themselves to other people are ___________ individuals.
  • cognitive-type
  • sensation-type
  • intuitive-type
  • feeling-type
  • thinking-type
  1. Contrived extrinsic rewards include all of the following EXCEPT:
  • Cash bonuses
  • Sports tickets
  • Office parties
  • Feedback
  • Promotions
  1. During which stage of the perceptual process does the strongest impact of selective perception occurs in?
  • Retrieval
  • Organization
  • Sorting
  • Attention
  • Interpretation
  1. In the Affective Events Theory, the term “work environment” can involve the following subcategories:
  • Characteristics of the job, job demands, and emotional labor requirements
  • Characteristics of the job, job demands, and the supervisor’s directives
  • Supervisor’s directives, emotional labor requirements, and co-worker involvement
  • Supervisor’s directives, co-worker involvement, and subordinate support
  • Co-worker involvement, subordinate support, and emotional labor requirements
  1. During which stage of team development does hostility and infighting occur with the team typically experiencing many changes?
  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning
  1. Whether part of a formal work unit, a temporary task force, or a virtual team, the group itself passes through a series of __________.
  • Decision-making steps
  • Life cycle stages
  • Cultural transformations
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
  • Environmental challenges
  1. What characteristic of team effectiveness is being demonstrated when the members of a team are sufficiently satisfied to continue working well together on an ongoing basis and/or look forward to working together again at some future point in time?
  • Member satisfaction
  • Team endurance
  • Team excellence
  • Team viability
  • Team changeability
  1. All of the following can cause distortion throughout the entire perceptual process EXCEPT:
  • stereotypes
  • organizational system
  • selective perception
  • projection
  • halo effects
  1. Which of the following directly contributes to the performance of important group tasks?
  • Task activities
  • Assignment mandates
  • Directive activities
  • Responsibility activities
  • Maintenance activities
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