PSY-470 Week 4 CLC Research Project Topic Selection

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

Submit your CLC groups chosen topic to your instructor for approval. Only one member of your CLC will need to submit your topic for feedback from your instructor. See assignment directions in document “CLC Research Project” for further clarification.

PSY-470 Abnormal Psychology CLC Research Project


This assignment will require action and work on your part early in the course. There will be three parts to this assignment, which will culminate in a debate of your group’s choosing. First, you and your group will decide what topic you will debate and which sides will. Second, you will need to outline an empirical article (direction below). You will submit the outline to your instructor for feedback. Finally, you will compose your side of the debate using the feedback from your instructor.

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Part 1 – Topic/Issue Selection (Due end of Topic 4)

Each CLC team will select one topic to discuss. If the group experiences difficulty in the selection process, the instructor may assign the specific topic. By Topic 4, each group should do the following:

  1. Each group will submit a filled-in copy of the CLC Agreement Form.
  2. The selected issue must adhere to the broad category of “controversial.” The argument must be able to present two sides.
  3. Belief in the issue is not a prerequisite; groups will be graded on the quality of the argument. First person and opinion should not be used.
  4. Submit the chosen topic to your instructor for approval by the end of Topic 4.

For Topic 8, each CLC team will write a combined 1,500-word persuasive paper debating the controversial topic. Keep this in mind when choosing your CLC topic.

Part 2 – Outline (Due end of Topic 6)

You will use GCU’s library databases to research your side of the argument. You will then create an outline of your argument of the controversial topic. Each member of the CLC will turn in individual outlines to the individual assignment dropbox, not in the CLC. Members will not need to share outlines with other members of the CLC.

  1. Find two to four resources from the library that supports your argument.
  2. Construct an outline of the main points important to your side of the controversy. The outline will be submitted to your instructor in Topic 6.
  3. Your outline must include a reference page in correct APA format.

Part 3 – Final Product (Due end of Topic 8)

Using the feedback from your instructor, and working with your CLC partners, construct your side of the debate in a 750-word paper. Your paper will be combined with the rest of your team to produce a 1,500-word essay presenting viewpoints on the issue and counterarguments against the other side’s viewpoint. Your CLC will turn in one combined paper.


Course: PSY-470 Abnormal Psychology
School: Grand Canyon University

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