Crucible Theme Project Art I The Following Universal Themes Are Prevalent In Hysteria Vengeance Greed Authority Justice Integrity

Part I: The following universal themes are prevalent in The Crucible: • Hysteria • Vengeance • Greed • Authority • Justice • Integrity • Lies and deceit • Respect and reputation • Compassion and forgiveness • The supernatural • Religion • Jealousy

Choose two themes and define them creatively. You can use photos, song lyrics, magazines, etc. as a way to define your themes and what you think they mean. Then, connect them to today by attaching news articles for each demonstrating that theme with a paragraph each explaining how that theme is prevalent in the article.

Part II: Identify the themes you chose in The Crucible by writing a 3-4 page paper with specific examples demonstrating the prevalence of your theme. Incorporate direct quotations and be sure to explain how those quotes demonstrate your themes. Make sure you use proper MLA citation. 12 font Times New Roman Double spaced

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