One of the key outcomes of this course is a portfolio of assignments that you can use to demonstrate your skills in written communication and critical thinking. Throughout the semester, you were given assignments that hopefully gave you new insights and helped you develop these skills.
As you completed these assignments, you were provided with a rubric that defined your performance. For this report, you will review each of these rubrics and identify the gaps in your performance—you have already done accomplished this task in your journal assignments. After identifying your performance gaps, you will walk your instructor through the revisions that you have made to the final drafts in your portfolio. Your portfolio review will consist of–

  1. Business Communication Evaluation
  2. Resume and Cover Letter
  3. Team Report Memo

Each assignment will represent a discrete section of your report. For each section, you break down your report into sub-sections based on the M.O.D.S. model (you will identify your issues based on each element of M.O.D.S.). Using the rubrics that I provided, you will create a weighted score (equally weighting each part of the model). For each sub-section, you will discuss the performance gap(s) that you have identified.

​Based on these performance gaps, you will discuss specific changes that you have made to your assignments. You will then make an argument for a higher score—you will need to prove why your revision merits a better grade. When evaluating your final portfolio, your instructor will review your argument(s) and corroborate the changes that you have made to your assignments by considering your discussion comments.

How You Will Be Evaluated
For your report, you will be evaluated using the standard business writing rubric that we have used throughout the course. As you write your report, keep in mind these standards–
Introduce your document by answering the question, “So what?” A good introduction provides the reader with a purpose, bottom-line, and summary. Identify the issue, provide a claim, and summarize your evidence. For this assignment, the issue is your improvement. How have you improved as a writer? Summarize how you have improved for each assignment.
Expound through a body that answers the question, “What’s the story?” Based on the instructions, you will provide a multi-section report that identifies your performance gaps and then makes an argument for an improved final draft grade (see. Above instructions).

Give a next action that answers the question, “What’s next?” Provide a conclusion that summarizes your overall improvement as a writer. Look for the performance gaps in your evaluation and talk about how you have improved upon the gaps you have identified.  

Use deductive organization. Address the issue at the beginning of your report (in the introduction) and ensure that your topic sentences are clear and placed at the beginning of each paragraph.

Adhere to the known-new contract. Ensure that each of your sentences flows naturally by reiterated known information before introducing new information. Additionally, ensure that your sections and paragraph contain logical transitions when needed.

Usable format. Use 1.5” margins, single spacing, modified block format, sans-serif font for headings and a serif font for body copy.

Provide clear advance organizers. When using a bulleted/numbered list make sure that you introduce the list with an independent clause; your lists must be grammatically parallel. Make sure that you use headings that are message-style (act as headlines) and proper heading levels.  

Use well-formatted figures and tables. Ensure that you introduce, label, and provide an analysis along with your figures/tables.

Use Plain English. Avoid hard to understand abbreviations, jargon, buzzwords, clichés, and euphemisms.

Avoid surface-level writing issues. Proofread your document for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics.
Submitting Your Assignment
You will submit your assignment along with your final portfolio by 9:30 am on Thursday, August 9th, 2018. Note: Late work will not be accepted. Submit your documents in the Dropbox folder labeled Final Portfolio. Please use the following file naming conventions when submitting your work–

  • LastName_FirstName_Self-ReflectiveReport
  • LastName_FirstName_FinalEvaluation
  • LastName_FirstName_FinalCoverLetter
  • LastName_FirstName_FinalResume
  • TeamNumber_FinalTeamReportMemo
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