Draft Journal 3 – Comparative Analysis Presentation Self-Evaluation

Note: This assignment will be due on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 by 9:30 am. 
Before you begin, review the graded presentation rubric posted to your Comparative Financial Analysis folder; as you review your rubric, please review your presentation video posted to Resources > Presentation Videos > Comparative Financial Analysis.
For your third journal entry, I want you to use the Four Elements of a Finding to evaluate your comparative financial analysis presentation (the technique that you used to create Journals 1-2). To accomplish this, use the criteria defined on the rubric that I provided for you (the standard for these criteria is a score of a 7). For each criterion found on the rubric, I want you describe your performance (condition), discuss whether or not you met or exceeded the standard (effect), and discuss the reasons for your behavior (cause). Finally, I want you discuss whether or not you agree with the score that I gave you; additionally, I want you to discuss steps that you need to take to improve your score.
Make Sure That You Understand the Grading Standards
Review the grading standards. Before drafting your journal entry, please watch, “Improving Journal Entry.” This video provides you with all of the standards that I use to grade your assignment. Note: Generally, the minimum length of a journal entry is 500 typed words. Failure to meet the minimum requirement will result in a zero (0).

Submit Your Assignment Properly
To submit your assignment, you will need to post it to your personal Dropbox > Journals (see. Create a Dropbox Account). Please name your file using the file naming convention from the syllabus–


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