Each student will write a paper that synthesizes all of the assignments and reading in the course (See Appendix C). The paper will be written as a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention.

Following an introduction with a thesis statement, the paper will include an overview of change theories and models (from the annotated bibliography), an explanation of the color print change model (based upon the textbook), a description of the change agent (from the change agent report), a description of the organization for which the change is being proposed, and a change strategy (based on the change intervention table). Caluwé and Vermaak (2003) suggested six questions to determine the appropriate change strategy, which should be answered in this paper: (a) what should the outcome bring about; (b) what is the current reality and why is it so; (c) how substantial is the gap; (d) is there resistance to or energy for change; (e) are the change agents willing and able; and (f) given the responses to the previous questions, is change feasible?. Implications of the change, including follower resistance and evaluation of the effectiveness of the post-change organization, must be considered. Finally, the student will summarize the findings with a concise conclusion. The student will cite the textbook, a minimum of ten articles from peer-reviewed journals, and Scripture. The paper will be between 3600-4500 words in length (at least 12 typed pages), not including the title or reference pages

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