1.  Submit a Chapter Checklist paper with your responses to Chapter 4: A Checklist for Change: Creating the Readiness for Change questions 3-5 (p. 136) and Toolkit Exercise 5.3

2. Each student will write a paper describing their Color Test for Change Agents results and the implications of that preference for organizational change. The student should include a description of his or her color print, an understanding of how faith might impact his or her change style, and an action plan for the student’s development as a change agent. A sample APA paper will be provided to assist the student with formatting. All papers for this course must be written in third person. (The student does not refer to his or her score or experience with the test, but instead writes the paper about the color print that results from the test.) The student will cite the textbook, Scripture, and at least one article from peer-reviewed journals or reputable business publications (the annotated bibliography is a good source). The paper will be between 900-1200 words in length (at least 3 typed pages), not including the title page or reference page,

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