RES/724 Week 4 Assignment: Application of Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative researchers produce a research protocol and a research script. The research protocol is the template the researcher uses to conduct the research and ensures that all aspects of the research have been covered. The research script is the actual data collection tool that includes the interview questions.

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Create a research protocol (minimum of 1,750 words) using the problem you identified in your Week 3 paper. Your protocol will outline the steps needed to do the research and to collect data.

Explain the rationale for these steps.

Address ethical issues and any limitations to your study.

Use the research Protocol Template as a guide for your research protocol.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Research Protocol

Create a research protocol by writing a paragraph or two for each section below providing the required information.

Proposed Title to Accurately Describe the Research Study

Background of the Problem and Rationale

  • What is the general problem?
  • What is the specific problem?
  • What are the research questions?

Conceptual Framework

  • What is the conceptual framework for this study?
  • What are the relevant concepts the reader needs to understand?


  • What are the objectives of your study?

Study Setting

  • What is the proposed study setting?
  • What permissions do you need to get to use the proposed study setting?
  • Give an overview of the study design and its relevance to the study setting.


  • What is the method/design for the study?
  • What type of data points do you need to collect?
  • How will you triangulate the study?

Data management and Analysis

  • How will you collect and handle the data to ensure confidentiality?
  • How will you manage the data to ensure safe keeping?
  • How will the data be analyzed?

Ethics, Bias, and Reliability

  • How will research participants be protected?
  • How will you report potential biases that you have that could impact the research?
  • What steps will you take to ensure reliability


  • How will you ensure results are considered in light of current research?


  • What are the limitations of the study?

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