CPT 330 Week 3 HTML Assignment

Apply the following styles:

  1. Set the width of the body element to 1000 pixels.
  2. Set the width of the navigation element to 100%.
  3. Adjust the css and html to have your navigation list display horizontally (think floats and widths).  
  4. Center the navigation element by setting the margin to auto.
  5. Clear the float for the section element.
  6. Set the width of all articles to 75%.
  7. Add a class to the articles that contains your favorite websites.
  8. Set the width of that class to 400px.
  9. Adjust the css and html for your favorite meals to display like this image:

The colors will obviously be your chosen colors to match your website.  You can use floats, positioning, or the grid system to adjust the layout.  Up to you.  If you use the grid system, you will receive 3+ extra credit points if done correctly.

Course: CPT 330 Software Web Applications for Engineering Technology I
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • 01/03/2018
  • 15
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