Answer 16 Job Exploration Questions below in few sentences each.

These exercises are borrowed from a career exploration text book. They’re designed to get you to challenge your assumptions and consider your positions on a number of issues. Answer them openly and honestly and consider how you react to a number of situations.

1. You are applying for a job. A male receptionist ushers you into an office where you are greeted by a female vice president who will conduct the interview.

2. You are flying to Chicago. A male flight attendant welcomes you aboard the plane, and later a female voice says, “This is your captain speaking.”

3. You go to enroll your four-year-old in a nearby nursery school and discover all three teachers at the school are male.

4. You are introduced to a new couple in the neighborhood and discover the man stays home all day with two small children while the wife works outside the home.

5. You are African American and live in a neighborhood that is all Caucasian

6. You move into an apartment and learn your neighbors are homosexual.

7. You are temporarily disabled, must use a wheelchair, and have found a wonderful job opening. You haven’t yet told the interviewer about your disability (and the room is on the second floor, with no elevator).

8. You are referred to a hospital known for excellence in surgery, and your team of doctors is all Latino.

9. You go to court and find every jury member is African American.

10. Women are happiest in careers when…

11. Men are happiest in careers when…

12. As a man, I was always taught to

13. List three small businesses whose services or products you use.

14. List five impacts of globalization on the workplace

15. Think about jobs that you, your friends, and family have had. Name three jobs that did not exist 10 years ago.

16. Occupations that interest me (based on the trends described in Chapter 6)

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