Week 3 DB

Session Three Discussion: Market Segmentation & Branding


Chapter 9 talks about how Target Marketing involves market segmentation of distinct groups of buyers. Such target segments, require branding efforts. Watch the You Tube video covering segmentation and targeting and then discuss the following:

  1. Select two or three of the companies profiled in the text; analyze and contrast their efforts in segmenting consumer markets.
  2. Read Matthew 22:1-14 in the Bible – a parable about a king who prepares a banquet, invites lots of important guests who did not want to attend, and ends up inviting other people off the street. How does this relate to target markets and our own lives?
  3. How would a company build brand equity and establish its effective positioning in the marketplace? Provide examples.

1.Chapter 8 discusses several strategies for taking your company into new markets or taking it global (p. 226-228).

2. Which strategy would you use for the company that you work for ( or another company of your choice)?

3. If you helped take your company into a foreign market, as a Christian what are some issues that you might consider?

  • : 25/01/2018
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