Sociological Theory Paper on Social Mobility

  • The paper is meant to demonstrate that students can define and apply sociological notions and theories.
  • First, choose a sociological theory or notion from our textbook that interests you.
  • Define this theory or notion with details.
  • What does the word mean?
  • Which person is credited with the idea?
  • Why is the theory important?
  • What does it teach about society?
  • Be detailed in your definition.

Two pages approximately of the paper should be a definition and discussion of the sociological notion or theory you are utilizing.  Second, apply the theory or notion to an item of popular culture (a feature film, television show, comic book, song, play, art).

You could write a paper about how the feature films of Indiana Jones warn about ethnocentrism and cultural lessons, or how the song of a favorite artist teaches about dramaturgy, or how characters from That 70s Show represent sociological theories (Hyde represents Conflict Theory thinking. Red represents Functionalist Theory thinking), or how Harry Potter fans represents the lessons of subcultures.

A good paper is careful about grammar and citation, offers detailed definitions, applies the sociological notion or theory to the item of popular culture, and has original ideas. Please avoid the use of personalisms of writing (do not use the words I believe, I think, you, we, our, us, me, my) to add to the objectivity of the paper

Papers should at least 4 full pages, typed, double spaced, utilizing a reasonable font.

Papers should cite all sources utilized, whether paraphrased or quoted utilizing the MLA or APA formats.  The guidelines for these formats are available from

Word Limit: Minimum 1400 words

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