February 1, 2017

Academic Honesty Policy

GetMyAnswers.com can be a boon or a bane depending upon how you choose to use it. Please use the services of responsibly. Cheating is totally against our Terms of Use and may lead to very serious consequences, including the suspension from your school/class.

Is Using GetMyAnswers Considered Cheating?

  • Well! is going to a friend to ask for help with a question you are struggling with, cheating?
  • Is asking your parent to help you solve a math question because you were sick and didn’t attend that particular class, cheating?
  • What if your parent also doesn’t know the steps to solve the question you just asked them?
  • Is using Google to find information on a topic, cheating?
  • GetMyAnswers (GMA) is just a convenient way of taking help on questions one finds challenging. The answers are reliable because they come from experts.

Make an Informed Choice

It is always a personal choice and you are free to make your choices. This website can help you if you use it responsibly.

Here are the questions you have to ask yourself when deciding whether to use our web resource or not:

  • Do I need some help with my course and overall direction?
  • Am I permitted to use additional web resources during my homework project preparation?
  • Do I really want to learn something? Or am I just using this website to get someone write my homework for me?

We firmly believe that students using GetMyAnswers.com in a positive way will make positive contributions to their learning environment. They are also more likely to be confident about what they doing.